Our events

Here's some of the awesome events we run each year on campus. To find out what's coming up next, check our facebook!


Hosted once a term these events are all about playing the afternoon (and evening) away with mates. Bring your own computer down and join the fun with a room full of other people playing similar games.

With average LAN attendance around 60 people, everything from Call of Duty to Armagetron are options; no Sponges left behind!

Fighting game community

Hosted on campus fortnightly, this is the go too if you love fighting games. Brawl, melee, Street fighter V are just a few of the games to be named that are frequently played.


If gamers are one thing, it's competitive. Whether it's a pin ball competition or a multi-week tournament, we offer plenty of opportunities to show your skill and pick up some free swag.

Quiz nights

Do you know your Mario's from your Zelda's? It's time to test your video gaming knowledge and impress your mates with your fun facts at our gaming themed pub-style quiz night! With lots of prizes on offer it's a great way to relax from the stress of university.


Got some time to kill on campus? Might as well come find us and play some games in between your lectures! Hosted once a term in the undercroft, Freeplay sessions can be anything from Guitar hero to Mario Kart to Halo.

eSport teams

With the eSports scene growing fast in New Zealand, UCGG is proud to offer opportunities for students to compete in large scale tournaments and play on stages in front of live crowds, not only in New Zealand but also abroad!

Sound like your kind of thing?

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