Our History

The history of the UC Gaming Guild.


The UC Gaming Guild was founded in Feb 2010 by Dom Cook. The Guild had a strong start with its first ever event, a Fighting Games Tournament, attracting a decent crowd and a great atmosphere. In 2010 UCGG went on to successfully host Halo events, PC LANs, Smash events and more. The beginnings of a great gaming community had been seeded and UCGG was rapidly becoming firmly established as the one-stop shop for video gaming events on the UC campus.

2010 Committee:

  • President: Dom Cook
  • Secretary: Karine Tan
  • Treasurer: Rosalia Rowher
  • PC Committee: Scott Marshall, Thomas Scott, Michael
2010 Club Photo


The beginning of 2011 was disrupted for UCGG by the earthquake hitting Christchurch on the second day of uni. Nevertheless, the club bounced back for a stellar year. The first PC LAN of the year was held in one of the many large temporary marquee spaces on campus after the earthquakes. This was followed up by two more awesome LANs later in the year (including the first appearance of the UCGG legend, LANcat) along with numerous smaller events. Also notable was UCGG’s Gaming Lounge appearance at Armageddon Chch 2011.

2011 Committee:

  • President: Andrew Wright
  • Vice Pres: Karine Tan
  • Secretary: Louise Piper
  • Treasurer: Steven Bates
  • PC Committee: Thomas Scott, Peter Kipping, Matt Jackson
  • Console Committee: Henry Ashton-Martyn, William Cheng
  • IT consultant: Mason “Garry” Drew
2011 Club Photo


2012 was a slower year for UCGG but things progressed along steadily. Notable events included the first Barcraft event which attracted over 70 attendees despite being organised less than 2 days before the event. A LAN party was hosted in conjunction with UC Accommodation at Sonoda where students had fun trying our some sweet eyefinity setups. Once again UCGG made an appearance at Armageddon Christchurch - Minecraft, Halo and Stormtroopers playing racing games entertained the masses.

2012 Committee:

  • President: Andrew Wright
  • Secretary: Karine Tan
  • Treasurer: Steven Bates
  • PC Events Lead: Peter Kipping
  • Console Events Lead: Henry Ashton-Martyn
  • Webmaster: Mason “Garry” Drew
2012 Club Photo


2013 saw a passing of the torch from old exec members to a brand new team. Fresh faces on the committee helped to revitalise and invigorate the club. In 2013 UCGG hosted numerous events, including four PC LANs, Halo events and Arcade Cabniet gaming in the undercroft. Most notable was the introduction of the Friday Night Fortnightly Fights - a regular event meetup for those interested in fighting games such as Smash, Tekken and Street Fighter - kicking off an awesome sub-community which is still growing today!

2013 Committee:

  • President: Jason Motha
  • Secretary: Isaac Ching
  • Treasurer: Niall McAndrew
  • Executive Team: Greg Signal
  • Assistant Exec: Tamate Tolo, Laura Grundy, Peter Kipping
2013 Club Photo


2014 was a steady year for the UCGG. PC LANs continued to be held throughout the year including PC LAN#1 being the first major UCGG event to be held in Bentley’s Bar. Bentley’s Bar also set the stage for another UCGG first as the first Gaming Themed Quiz Night was introduced to an enthusiastic crowd, putting their video gaming knowledge to the test in many creative ways. 2014 also included retro gaming nights, streaming parties for pro tournaments and our first ever League of Legends event.

2014 Committee:

  • President: Jason Motha
  • Secretary: Laura Grundy
  • Treasurer: Jamie Getty
  • Executive Team: Niall McAndrew, James Eagle, Tamate Tolo, Alex Gabites
2014 Club Photo


UCGG continued to grow in 2015. The usual PC LANs continued to prove a fan favourite with mini tournaments of games such as CounterStrike, Team Fortress 2, and Call of Duty 4 becoming LAN staples. Casual gaming in the undercroft, retro nights, eSports tournaments and Fortnightly Fights also continued to thrive throughout the year and bigger tournaments were held for games such as DotA2, Hearthstone, and Smash. One of the most exciting developments of 2015 was the push for more online video streams of UCGG’s own events.

2015 Committee:

  • President: Laura Grundy
  • Vice Pres: Braden Grundy
  • Secretary: Alex Gabites
  • Treasurer: Jamie Getty
  • Executive Team: Rufus Manji, Tim Campbell, Niall McAndrew
  • Senior Exec: Jason Motha, Tamate Tolo
2015 Club Photo


The LoL scene dominated 2016 for UCGG as Riot Games came onboard as an official sponsor of the Guild. Multiple successful League tournaments were held and our very own University representative team made us proud when they qualified for the Australasian university tournament finals. On top of all of that UCGG’s regular program of events ran steady. PC LANs, Freeplay events, eSports tournaments and more helped make for a successful year of gaming on campus.

2016 Committee:

  • President: Jamie Getty / George Bird
  • Secretary: Alex Gabites / Moss Lilley
  • Treasurer: Rufus Manji
  • Executive Team: Braden Grundy, Aden Durney, Ben Mitchell, Jaln Rodger, Miguel Vidiella-Lopez
  • Senior Exec: Jason Motha, Laura Grundy
2016 Club Photo


UCGG had a stellar year in 2017. The development of Bar Night events boosted club engagement and brought many new gamers into the club. Our club staple events, PC LANs, Freeplays, Quiz Night and Fighting Games Ranbats contined to grow in 2017 with record attendance being recorded throughout the year. The eSports scene also continued the high note with UCGG representing NZ in the LoL OCE University Championships once again. 2017 culminated in an impressive showing for the club at the UCSA Supreme Club Awards, with UCGG being nominated for 5 awards on the night including finalists for overall Supreme Club!

2017 Committee:

  • President: George Bird
  • Secretary: Ben Mitchell
  • Treasurer: Rufus Manji
  • Executive Team: Aden Durney, Alex Gabites, Miguel Vidiella-Lopez, Liam Oldershaw, Thomas Milliken, Nathan Humphrey
  • Senior Exec: Jason Motha, Laura Grundy, Braden Grundy
2015 Club Photo


2018 has been another great year for UCGG so far - highlights have included a League of Legends Rumble in which 9 teams battled it out over the semester for ultimate glory and awesome prizing from Riot Games. UCGG's Bar Nights and Freeplay events continued to grow for the better and old faithfuls like LAN parties and the Dota2 tournament have taken on a new life, now being hosted in the Dovedale Wheki rooms after the demise of Kirkwood. Viewing parties for eSports along with the ever steady fighting games community have meant there has been something for everyone in 2018!

2018 Committee:

  • President: Liam Oldershaw
  • Secretary: Aden Durney
  • Treasurer: Nathan Humphrey
  • Executive Team: Georgia-May Jensen, Hannah Clark, Jacob Rogers, Egor Khramenko , Liam Diprose, Alex Diprose, Simon Allen
  • Senior Exec: Jason Motha, Laura Grundy, Ben Mitchell, George Bird
2016 Club Photo

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